Computer Science


Chapter 1 Compiling a Java program, p. 20 Writing an algorithm, p. 25 Recognizing a hidden error, p. 28 Another applet example, p. 38 Writing an algorithm for Project 5, p. 42

Chapter 2 Another sample program, p. 61 Writing arithmetic expressions and statements, p. 72 Processing strings, p. 87 Pitfalls involving nextLine(), p. 97 Solving a conversion problem, p. 130 Solution to Project 13, p. 132

Chapter 3 Using multibranch if-else statements, p. 159 Using switch statements, p. 177 Solution to Project 2, p. 190 Responding to user input, p. 190

Chapter 4 Using nested while loops, p. 213 Comparing loop statements, p. 221 Debugging a loop, p. 238 Solution to Project 9, p. 252 Nesting for statements, p. 253

Chapter 5 Writing and involving methods, p. 292 Investigating public and private access, p. 300 Objects and references, p. 326 Exploring parameters of class types, p. 345 Developing a solution to Project 8, p. 363 Solution to Project 12, p. 366

Chapter 6 Writing construction, p. 387 Using static and non-static methods, p. 396 Writing and invoking overloaded methods, p. 433 Solving a similar problem, p. 468 Solution to Project 12, p. 469

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An Introduction to Problem Solving & Programming

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An Introduction to Problem Solving & Programming

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6th edition™

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Preface for Instructors

Welcome to the sixth edition of Java: An Introduction to Problem Solving & Programming. This book is designed for a first course in programming and computer science. It covers programming techniques, as well as the basics of the Java programming language. It is suitable for courses as short as one quar- ter or as long as a full academic year. No previous programming experience is required, nor is any mathematics, other than a little high school algebra. The book can also be used for a course designed to teach Java to students who have already had another programming course, in which case the first few chapters can be assigned as outside reading.

Changes in This Edition

The following list highlights how this sixth edition differs from the fifth edition: ■ Updates have been made for Java version 7, including strings in switch

statements and the use of type inference in generic instance creation. ■ Additional case studies including unit testing, use of the Comparable inter-

face, processing comma-separated value files, and others. ■ Chapter 5 now begins with a simpler class to more gradually introduce how

classes are constructed. ■ Chapter 8 has been reorganized with a greater emphasis and more examples

on polymorphism and interfaces. ■ Chapter 2 describes how to create a Swing application using the JFrame

class so thereafter students have the option of implementing graphics in applets or in an application.

■ Chapter 12 includes an overview of the Java Collections Framework and examples using the HashMap and HashSet classes.

■ A description of System.out.printf has been added to Chapter 2. ■ A description of Math.random has been added to Chapter 6. ■ Twenty new programming projects have been added. ■ New VideoNotes added throughout the text to enhance student

understanding of programming concepts and techniques.

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