Question 11 of 20
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Your mom wants to start using some type of cloud storage so that she can access some of her important business files from anywhere without having to remote into another machine. What do you suggest?

A. TeamViewer
C. Dropbox
D. Microsoft RT
Question 12 of 20
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Why isn’t 802.1X a good choice for home-based wireless networks?

A. It only creates open wireless connections.
B. It requires an authentication server.
C. Its encryption is too easy to hack.
D. It requires multiple access points.
Question 13 of 20
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You have purchased an Apple desktop computer and want to set it up so that you can access your computer desktop when you are on the road. How might you do this?

A. Install Remote Desktop for Apple on your desktop.
B. Install Apple+ VPN on your desktop.
C. Configure your desktop for Platform as a Service.
D. Install the GoToMyPC client on your desktop.
Question 14 of 20
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Your boss calls you from the road. She is trying to connect to the local hotel guest wireless network but there is a yellow shield displayed beside that particular wireless selection. She is asking you what that shield means. What do you tell her?

A. It means the connection is not being broadcasted.
B. It means the connection is an open connection.
C. It means her wireless card doesn’t support that connection.
D. It means the wireless connection requires a password.
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Making a phone call through Lync from your laptop using only your headset is an example of:

A. a PBX phone connection.
B. an encrypted phone conversation.
C. a legacy phone conversation.
D. a peer-to-peer phone conversation.
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When you connect to a remote VPN server with your laptop running Windows 8, what key item is your computer allocated?

A. The desktop of the VPN server
B. The desktop of the logon server
C. An IP address from the remote network
D. A web browser with an SSL connection
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You are the IT Manager for a school system. You just went with a new application that teachers will use to record the attendance of their students as well as their grades. The application is hosted by a third party, and teachers access the application through their web browsers. This is an example of what type of cloud computing?

A. Infrastructure as a Service
B. Network as a Service
C. Platform as a Service Windows 8 can’t find a driver for the scanner
D. Software as a Service
Question 18 of 20
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Which of the operating systems below is able to join a domain?

A. Microsoft Surface Pro
B. Microsoft Surface RT
C. Google Android
D. iPad
Question 19 of 20
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Which of these devices is usually the default gateway for most home networks?

A. A workstation
B. A server
C. A smartphone
D. A wireless router
Question 20 of 20
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In order for your laptop to make a wireless connection, it must first find an available __________ to connect to.


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