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You have a number of digital pictures you recently took on your smartphone. You would like to share these pictures with all of your friends and family. What is a “Cloud”-like example of sharing these pictures with them?

A. Upload them to and share a link with them.
B. Email them to everyone by way of email attachments.
C. Save them to your My Pictures folder on your Windows 8 tablet.
D. Save them to a fractional website that offers file transfer capabilities.
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Your CEO is concerned that too much productivity is lost by having employees call each other, only to be directed to voice mail. He asks you if something can be done to counter this. What do you suggest?

A. Integrate Dropbox into the company network.
B. Integrate RDP into the company network.
C. Integrate Microsoft Lync into the company network.
D. Integrate TeamViewer into the company network.
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Your sister is considering purchasing a tablet computer that utilizes RT as the operating system. She asks you if RT is any different from her Windows 8 desktop she has at home. What do you tell her?

A. Unlike her Windows 8 PC, RT does not have a tile-based interface.
B. RT is an Android-based operating system so it is completely different.
C. RT isn’t touch-enabled so it is a poor choice for a tablet.
D. She won’t be able to install regular Windows application on RT.
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What is a chief concern of cloud computing?

A. Cost
B. Security
C. Redundancy
D. Speed
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Your company is trying to get out of the responsibility of purchasing and hosting its own hardware so it won’t have to finance or manage a datacenter anymore. Your boss has told you that you need to install an operating system on all of the cloud-based servers. This is an example of what type of cloud computing?

A. Infrastructure as a Service
B. Network as a Service
C. Platform as a Service
D. Software as a Service
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You have a Bluetooth headset that integrates with your computer so that you can talk to partners through Microsoft Lync. This is an example of what type of wireless networking?

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Your boss wants you to configure his laptop so that he can access the company network when he is on the road. You suggest a VPN connection to him. He is very concerned about security and asks you how secure VPN is. What do you tell him?

A. Only mouse clicks and keyboard commands are transferred over the connection.
B. All traffic that flows between the laptop and VPN server is encrypted.
C. All of the tasks your boss will do will be on the desktop of the remote computer.
D. VPN integrates with NTFS so that only secure files are opened and modified.
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You install TeamViewer on your workstation at home so that you can access it when on the road. How can you be assured that unknown users can’t access your computer through TeamViewer?

A. They have to have the same encryption key as you.
B. They have to know your User ID and password.
C. They have to have a signed certificate by your computer.
D. Their computer has to be in the same domain as yours.
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Your boss calls you from his home to use the VPN connection you configured for him on his laptop. He has traditionally depended on Remote Desktop to access the server. Your boss tells you that the VPN connection shows that it is connected but the server’s desktop is not appearing on his screen. What do you tell him?

A. The firewall on his home router must be blocking the remote connection.
B. His ISP must not allow encrypted connections through their network.
C. He must be running Windows 8 which doesn’t support VPN.
D. VPN doesn’t bring up a remote desktop on the local computer.
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Your mom wants to purchase a computer. She has heard about how the Windows 8 operating system is best-geared for a touch-enabled computing device. What type of computer do you recommend that she purchase?

A. A laptop
B. A tablet
D. A netbook

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