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Reding Health Group Enterprise Network Project Overview

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Reding Health Group Enterprise Network Project Overview

Project Overview

Reding Health Group (RHG) needs a new enterprise network. As part of their bid process, they have asked your organization to submit a design proposal in five weeks.

In Weeks Two through Five, you and your team will submit the following milestone assignments:

Week Two

Create an annotated high-level design enterprise network diagram for Reding Health Group.

Week Three

Diagram detailed designs of the Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN), and Edge Network.

Week Four

Diagram the integration of the Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) and datacenter/Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) into the network design.

Week Five

Complete the voice and video network design and compile your design for submission.

Reding Health Group Business Needs and Network Requirements

Reding Health Group (RHG) is the administrative and management division of several healthcare providers including; hospitals, clinics, labs, imaging cites, individual medical, and allied care professionals.

The RHG division consists of:

· Headquarters

· Three buildings on one campus

· 200 employees

· The data center is located at headquarters and includes a disaster recovery location

· Four branch locations

· All locations are within 30 miles of the headquarters and are in a single state

· Each location has between 1 and 15 employees

· Five major departments

· Executive management

· Finance

· Operations

· Marketing

· Compliance

The requirements for the new enterprise network include:

Unified communication services that use voice and video, in addition to email

Data and communication security is essential, including for the wireless network

High-bandwidth internet connections with speeds equal to or greater than 50 Mpbs

Network traffic for each department must be contained within its own, isolated network

A secure DMZ site containing public-facing services, including public web servers and third-party business servers, is needed

· Third-party partners require the site be protected by perimeter and data center firewalls for controlled business information exchanges

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