Components of an Essay: Steps for Writing a Top-Notch Essay

How good are you at writing an essay? Have you mastered all the components of an essay? Essay writing is fun. It is that piece of literature that you will love to do any time, but first, you must know the essay features.

Essay writing requires profound artistic skills. In essay writing, you just do not write words, join them in a sentence to make paragraphs and say you have written an essay, there is a lot more to that. As much as essay writing grants you the freedom to air your thoughts in whichever way you want, it also has rules, strict rules of which must be followed to the latter.

Our literary sins

Most people in essay writing are at times misguided, or maybe let me just let them bear their cross, they misinform themselves. People will not take their time to understand simple and clear rules and components of an essay. Several years back when we had just started doing essay in schools, a friend of mine comes to me at my study, all excited. He had just seen a poster about the interschool essay writing competition of which I had seen almost a week then when it was just being posted. She was determined to participate and win. I always knew I had a brilliant friend and I believed in her until when she tried to give me tips on how to write an essay.

The fact that literature grants you discretion of expression does not mean that you do it anyhow. I had taken time to research on how to write good essays, and I had known the format and all the components of an essay. My friend’s plan was to write her favorite fairy tale. There was one imaginary story she liked and would narrate it anywhere, any time. I had to wait until she was calm then I would give her lessons on essay features. She was avid. She was easy to convince, or maybe I just had a way with words. I showed her a few books and articles on the same. She hated the fact that she would not share her story the way she wanted, but would be within the stringent confines of the stipulation of essay features and other characteristic components of an essay. She contested anyways, and thanks to me, she got an award.

In essay writing, you just have to get your thoughts together first then arrange them systematically. Essays have distinct formats. If you know about essays and you see components of an essay anywhere, you will be able to know that the piece is an essay. The rules are not too hot to swallow; essays are fundamentally divided into three crucial parts: introduction, body, and finally a conclusion. It is just right for any piece of writing to have these crucial essay features.

Introductions are key essay features

An essay without an introduction is like a headless person, both literary and figuratively speaking. The introduction guides the audience on the subject matter. It gives you an overview. Thereafter, you automatically expect the body. Introductions determine whether anyone would read your essay. There are innumerable cases where people would give up reading an essay just after reading the introduction. All your struggles and artistic masterpieces will be useless if you do not depict them in your introduction.

I will bring you back home to help you understand my point on introduction. Whenever you meet a person anywhere, the last thing you notice is what they are wearing on their feet. Not that it does not matter, in fact, what a person wears in their feet says a lot about them, more often than not, it justifies whatever is in their heads.

Now imagine meeting a headless person, or a person whose head is upside down. You will not care about any other part of their bodies; you will run! I hope you will excuse your professors if they do not read the whole of your essays. A good introduction must be captivating enough to leave your audience yearning for more; they should be swept in hopelessness as they last for adventure in the rest of your essay. It is a walk in the pack to achieve this. Just relax and think through your subject matter. If you cannot come up with anything enthralling for your introduction, then you definitely have a wrong topic. It should be natural. In literature, you do not struggle. Things just flow!

The body

Well, if you were a young man in my example above and you are looking for love, you would guess what my next point on the body would be. We all have different tastes and preferences when it comes to bodies and their shapes. However, by diversity, I do not imply that any can do, no! Put all the individual descriptions together and try to analyze. They all sum up to one thing, a good shape. No one would just take anyone. Back to essay features, the body as one of the components of an essay has to be organized such that your ideas flow fluently.

When your audience reads your essay, there should be that connection between thoughts and events. You should not make it boring in a way that your audience will have to go back to read a line or two to get the story or to connect the ideas in the paragraphs. There are subdivisions in the body depending on the type of essay.


Do you conclude your essays? How well do you do it? If you remember a very important statement that I made in my example above; what one wears in their feet justify whatever is in their heads. The conclusion is equally important. Please do not try to create that silly suspense. Just sum up all your ideas then, as guided by your introduction, write a short, satisfying conclusion to your essay. Make sure that your essay features are connected; one to the other the same way a person would look good in matching colors. Do not kill the fashion with color clashing.

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