Directions: Provide short answers of 75-150 words each for the following questions/statements. Do not exceed 200 words for your response. Use the textbook, and any other scholarly resources to support your responses. Include at least four peer-reviewed journal articles beyond the textbook.

1. Discuss the similarities and differences of the three generations of anti-psychotic medications.

2. How do the current anti-psychotics work on the brain?

3. Discuss the similarities and differences between the three generations of medications to treat depression.

4. How do the current medications to treat depression work on the brain?

5. Describe three medications that are used to treat substance use disorders.

6. What medications may be risky to prescribe someone who has a substance use disorder? Why are they risky?

7. Describe the importance of the DSM in diagnosing and treating mental illnesses and substance use disorders.

8. Identify some adverse side effects of at least two commonly prescribed medication for treating psychiatric disorders.


I have a paper about my internship I want you to write for me , I’ll attached the requirement for the paper
and here some of what I did during the internship

I have worked in the Qatif Central Hospital (Saudi Arabia) for my internship, and during that I had work for 2 main projects. The first one was about researching the benefit and cost for adding Pharmaceutical dispensing medicines. The second one was about preforming a seminar for skill cell anemia patients to raise the awareness because this disses is common in Saudi Arabia spicily in Al Qatif city. In addition to these two main projects I had many responsibilities during my internship period such as dispensing medicines to patients, filling carts for patients that are admitted, and check validity dates of the medicines. Also, I have attend so classes there for preparing IV and eye drops.

I did my intern in Saudi Arabia as pharmacisit .
supervisor contact info,
Dr. Hani J. Al-Ismail
Pharmacy director
hospital name : Qatif Central Hospital

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