For your lab midterm you are to design an experiment. This experiment should be something basic, apply to your everyday life, and be easily followed by anyone wanting to duplicate the experiment. If you utilize websites or previous scientific literature to design your experiment or get price quotes, reference them on the last page of your assignment. Organize the assignment using the following headings to organize the paper. Each supporting question should be answered but doesn’t have to be re-stated. Your assignment needs to contain the following:

  • • Research Question (10 points) 
  • • Hypothesis (10 Points) 
  •  Experimental Design
  •   • What are your controls? (5 Points)
  •   • What is the independent variable? (5 Points)
  •   • What is the dependent variable? (5 Points)
  • • Methods (20 Points)
  • • Data Collection 
  •    • How do you plan to measure your dependent variable? (5 Points)
  •    • Is it quantitative (measurable), or is it qualitative (observed), or is it both? (5  Points)
  • • Discussion 
  •   • What will this experiment help you to understand/learn? (5 Points)
  •   • How will this experiment change your life/actions/planning/etc? (5 Points)
  •   • How is this research question helpful to other people or the broader community? (5 Points)
  • • If you were to pursue this research at the university and apply for funding:
  •    • What facilities would you need? Lab/chemicals/supplies/staff/etc. (10 Points)
  •    • How long would the experiment take to complete? (5 Points)
  •    • How much would it cost? (5 Points)

**Estimates are fine here, just support WHY you need the money, and how you would spend it.

Attached is an lab report example. Make sure you to answer all questions.

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