516 Radiochemistry – Actinides Question Set Q&A_AN.docx

1. What oxidation state of U is typical for uranium ores?

1. Which oxidation state of uranium forms green-colored solutions?

1. What uranium species is indicated by the yellow color of its solution?

1. Which compounds of uranium are volatile and where is this property used?

1. What is the most prevailing oxidation state of Np and what is its color (green, yellow-green, brown-green, aquamarine-green or pink-purple)?

1. Which oxidation states of actinides form dioxo-cations?

1. Why when (conditions) do ANs form dioxo-cations?

1. Name the colors of Pu(III+), Pu(IV+), Pu(V+), Pu(VI+) in HNO3.

1. What are the effective and nominal charges of actinide cations?

1. Write the equations for disproportionation of Pu(IV) and Np(V).

1. Oxidation state of actinides affects their hydrolysis. What is the order of hydrolysis?

1. What is the order of complexation with monovalent ligands (NO3-,ClO4-, F-, Cl-, H2PO4-, SCN-, IO3-, etc.?) Try to explain why

1. What is the order of complexation with polyvalent ligands (CO32-,SO42-, HPO42-, PO43-, etc.?). Suggest the explanation.

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