This Lab Report is done Experiments 2 and 3. Experiment 2 : Melting Points of Urea and Cinnamic Acid Experiment 3: Melting Points of Urea — Cinnamic Acid Mixtures I will include data results, pictures, rubric of this experiment from my textbook below Data results : 1:1

Urea: 0.0600 g

Cinnamic Acid: 0.0600 g

1:4 (Urea:Cinnamic Acid):

Urea: 0.0600 g

Cinnamic Acid: 0.2400 g

4:1 (Urea:Cinnamic Acid):

Urea: 0.0400 g

Cinnamic Acid: 0.0100 g

Onset Temperature (Celsius)

Cinnamic Acid : 132.5

Urea : 132

1:1 97.6

1.4 : 126.6

4:1 : 117.9

Clear Point Temperature (Celcius)

Cinnamic Acid : 133.0

Urea : 132.5

1:1 99.1

1.4 : 129.0

4:1 : 126.0

LAB REPORT EVALUATION Use scientific style generally (past tense, third person, passive voice for all but Introduction). Title (5 points) Include all required information, including your name, lab partner(s), and date submitted. Abstract (5 points) Describe work carried out and most important results. Keep between 100 and 200 words; Report major results. Technique Experiment: State why it is important to learn this technique. Synthesis experiment: State the target compound and provide a balanced chemical equation. Introduction (10 points) Describe problem, historical background, and basic scientific concepts. Give succinct explanation of problem being investigated; Provide background information; Cite information sources; Outline experimental design; State purpose of the experiment If applicable, any pertinent mathematical and chemical equations must be given in this section. Experimental Procedure (15 points) Provide information that would allow replication of experiment. Include account of experimental procedure in narrative style; For repetitious procedures, so indicate—be complete but concise; Describe procedure so that experiment could be duplicated. Describe the apparatus/techniques used. Report reaction conditions. Report quantities of materials used (in moles!). Results and Discussion (40 points) Report your experimental data, analyze and interpret your results, and draw specific conclusions. Describe all significant experimental findings Present data in easily readable form, including tables, graphs, figures etc.; Label tables and figures with both title and descriptive captions. Demonstrate clear understanding of nature and quality of data and of science behind experiment; Provide clear scientific explanation of results; Provide insightful use of data to support conclusions; Analyze experimental systematic and/or random errors in data;

Indicate any outside data and cite information sources. For a Technique experiment- Briefly state the relevant theoretical principles. For a Synthesis experiment- You should always include and discuss the following information if available: Page 6 of 7 ✓ Recovery or yield of the product you obtained. ✓ Amount of product (in grams) ✓ Percent yield (indicate the limiting reagent) if applicable ✓ Percent Recovery if applicable ✓ TLC (report the Rf value). Only draw the plate and show calculations in the Appendix. ✓ Melting point or boiling point (always report a range) – Include Literature values ✓ Physical properties (color, physical state, etc.) ✓ GC (report the retention time, the # of other peaks present, and/or the % purity) ✓ IR (report absorbance in cm-1 ); explain their significance. Identify the functional group each absorbance represents. Conclusion (5 points) Summarize results and conclusions. Briefly restate significant results; Do not restate any argument from Discussion section or introduce new information; Clearly summarize conclusions drawn from data and results. References (5 points) List references used. Use the assigned form for citations; Provide all references used; Include sufficient numbers for background research and analyses. Appendix (5 points) Report RAW data and sample calculations. Answers to assigned questions. Overall Quality (10 points) Demonstrate superior competency in properly communicating results. Use Standard English, employing scientific style; Display correct mechanics of writing: correct grammar, spelling and punctuation; Exhibit clear, precise language that logically flows; Provide a coherent report that accurately describes the experiment and its results. Record high quality results: accurate measurements with insightful evaluations.

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