CHM 332: Fall 2020

Homework #1 For all questions, provide your own answers in the space provided.

1. Describe the attractions of molecules that occur during intermolecular interactions.

2. Provide descriptions and examples of each of the interactions below.


hydrogen bonds


Van der Waals

3. Explain why propanol is more soluble in water than propane.

4. Sodium dodecanoate is soluble in water even though it contains a large hydrophobic segment.

How does this molecule interact with its surroundings to facilitate solubility?

5. “Micellar Water” is sold by Garnier as a facial cleanser with the following excerpt from its

promotional literature:

What is micellar water? Get ready to work a whole new kind of cleanser into your routine. Micellar

water is the facial cleanser that has been the best-kept beauty secret in Europe for decades. Micellar water

is now available in the U.S. and has been a revolutionary breakthrough in the cleansing market. Micellar

water doesn’t require rinsing, is gentle on skin, and uses a unique technology different than most other

facial cleansers to help leave skin feeling clean and soft. Ahead, a starter kit to what micellar water is and

how to work it into your skin care routine.

What Is Micellar Water? Micellar water is a facial cleanser that helps remove excess sebum and

impurities from your skin and leaves it feeling soft and looking beautiful. The micelles, or the oil-based

particles found in micellar water, work to attract dirt and impurities and lift them from the surface of your

skin. Micellar water is extremely thorough and can remove a variety of makeup products including

everything from foundation to eye makeup and mascara. It also removes sweat and excess oil. Often, skin

care and makeup removal require two separate products. The best part about micellar water? It

incorporates both tasks into one easy to use product.

Micellar water has been popular for decades in France. Micellar water first came into existence in Paris as

a substitute to water in skin care. Parisian city water was considered harsh, and skin care experts noted

that it had a negative effect on skin. The harshness of the water contributed to dry skin and even potential

skin blemishes. As a response, skin care experts desperately looked for an alternative to Parisian city

water for cleansing needs. After developing micellar water, it quickly became a substitute to the harsh

water as it removed makeup, sweat, oil and dirt without the need to rinse. Micellar water has finally made

its way into the mainstream beauty market in the United States.

The active ingredients are: AQUA / WATER, HEXYLENE GLYCOL, GLYCERIN,



Disodium cocoamphodiaceate is:

Defend or Dispute Garnier’s marketing of “Micellar Water” as a new kind of cleanser.

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