would like you to write at least three paragraphs with three to five sentences each.

1. Watch the following commercial: or this link if the other link does not work on your computer: then view this Powerpoint: CAMY Problems Associated with Alcohol Advertising.pptx or PDF:  CAMY Problems Associated with Alcohol Advertising.pdf

2. Then, go the Internet and select your own alcohol, tobacco, or drug commercial to upload and share (this means including the Youtube link in your initial Discussion Post) with the class. Make sure to answer the 5 questions below about the commercial you found to receive full credit for this assignment. Be thoughtful and specific in with your analyses.  Think about the way the product is being advertised influences consumers.

3. Here are the questions:

a. What do you think the target audience is for this product, who does this ad appeal to and why?

b. How is the industry trying to sell their product?

c. What isn’t the industry telling the viewer/consumer?

d. Are there unintended consequences associated with this ad, if so please discuss.

e. Comment on the ethics of this ad.

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