I will send the articles and videos by message,and please no more than 500 words)

In order for you to successfully complete this assignment, you must review the following items (located in the “Course Content” folder):

(Snippet) Coronavirus Testing in Africa
Pharma companies explorting the World’s Poor
Pharma Companies and Advertising
Once you’ve viewed and read the content for this week. Please complete the following (this can all be on one document):

Summary of the content in both videos and article (25%)
What is the connection between the videos and the article? (25%)
How much money do pharma companies spend in ads a year? (you’ll need to find this in a current article/research and cite using APA format). (25%)
Give your personal feelings about what you saw and read. (25%)

Write a 3+ page summary paper that addresses the following:

· Briefly summarize the patient case study, including each of the three decisions you chose for the patient presented. Support your decisions with evidence-based literature. Be specific and provide examples.

· What were you hoping to achieve with each decision you recommended for the patient case study? Support your response with evidence and references from outside resources.

· Explain any difference between what you expected to achieve with each of the decisions and the results of the decision in the exercise. Describe whether they were different. Be specific and provide examples.

Case study

A 49-year-old, 230lb woman with a family history of breast cancer. She is up to date on yearly mammograms.  She has a history of HTN. She complains of hot flushing, night sweats, and genitourinary symptoms.  She had felt well until 1 month ago and she presented to her gynecologist for her annual gyn examination and to discuss her symptoms.  She has a history of ASCUS about 5 years ago on her pap, other than that, Pap smears have been normal. Home medications are Norvasc 10mg qd and HCTZ 25mg qd. Her BP today is 150/90.  She has regular monthly menstrual cycles. Her LMP was 1 month ago.


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