Can I choose a beverage as my product? YES – You are free to choose any food or beverage you choose, just as long as you can make a more wholesome improvement on the product. The ultimate test of whether you are allowed to use a certain product is that you must be able to:

  • Obtain a verify-able ingredient list and
  • Obtain a nutrition panel or nutritional information for the product;
  • Explain and discuss the ingredients you’ve chosen/replaced/kept.

Any beverage? Can it be alcohol?  Sure, but…. You must be 21 to drink/sample/evaluate it. And just as long as making that alcoholic beverage is legal (ie, do NOT distill your own liquor).

Do I need to turn in an actual sample of the product that I made? NO. It won’t fit in the iLearn drop box.

What is the APA citation method? It is a formal citation method developed by the American Psychological Association, used to standardize the presentation of referenced materials in academic and business writing. APA uses both in-text citations and a separate reference section at the end of a written work. For more information on how to properly cite with the APA method, please visit: OWL YOUTUBE.

I learned and have used the MLA format in the past. Can’t I just use MLA? NO. You are required to use APA in-text citations and include an APA reference list.

HELP – iLearn won’t let me upload my file and it’s almost the deadline! iLearn has a maximum upload file size of 20MB. The report file size is likely too large because the file size of the pictures in the report are too large.It is up to you to make sure the file can be uploaded to the dropbox in time. So plan ahead. You have several options to make sure you are able to include all the pictures and detail that you need and still meet the file size requirements:

  1. Take pictures at 3MB or less. The print version of your photo only needs to be 300dpi in order to print clearly. That means for a picture that is about 2″x3″ in printed size, it will be <2MB in size.
  2. Crop the picture to a smaller size, and only focus in on the important content in the photo. Make sure you crop the photo in a photo editing program, not in Word. Cropping in Word does NOT reduce the file size.

There are several very good (powerful yet easy to use) photo editing applications that are available for free:

Many YouTube video tutorials are available on these applications. Just Google it.

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