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C850 Quick Guide and Check List


1. Review the course material. It is a simple guide to get started. Further research is required for the task.

2. Read the case study. Write down all of the major problems/concerns listed. For those who are familiar with this area of study, you are only required to provide a solution for the general concerns listed. It is very easy to go beyond what is required when viewing the issue through the lens of our own experiences.

3. Research emerging technologies, which provide a solution to the problems you have listed. Make sure that your technology has a vendor; Cloud Computing alone is too general. For example, if you were to use AWS, Amazon is the vendor and there are many resources to pull from the site as evidence.

4. Keep in mind that this is a proposal, a company has an issue that you want to address. Your proposal should show that you have researched and found a solution to present, adopt, and measure its success if implemented in the future.

Task Requirements/Outline

The rubric is your best friend; you must provide an answer to everything it asks for in order to pass. Use this as your outline, it helps you to stay on target for the task and makes it easy for the the evaluator to see your ideas as it applies to the competencies required for the course. Provided below is a breakdown of what is expected for each competency.



Organizational Need

Create an executive summary, which includes the concerns you have identified from the case study. Set the scope, what issues are you going to address with your proposal. This sets the tone for the rest of your paper, everything you write is to resolve the problems identified here.

Emerging Technology Solution

Name your emerging technology and justify its use. How does it solve the problems identified in your first paragraph? What are its capabilities? Prove that it is emerging. Is this a technology that other companies are starting to use to resolve similar issues? What are experts such as Gartner saying about this technology? The key here is to cite, show evidence to prove your ideas.

Adoption Process

Outline the adoption process; this isn’t a step by step how to install but a phased process. Good examples to pull from are MITRE’s STEP or Gartner’s STREET process. The Risk/Benefit of adopting has 4 requirements, if you do not provide them, then all the section will not receive competency. Make sure you have the following things:

1. Risk of early adoption

2. Benefit of early adoption

3. Risk of later adoption

4. Benefit of later adoption

Technology Impact

Provide the positive and negative effects your emerging technology could have on people and processes once implemented. For any negative effects, provide a solution to address it.

Technology Comparison

From your research, what were some of the options you found that Techfite could have used? Provide a comparison. The objective here is to show that your emerging technology is the better choice compared to the other options you found.

Adoption Metrics

The adoption metrics must measure the ability of your emerging technology to resolve the problems stated in your first paragraph. You are measuring the adoption process not the technology alone. For example, you can measure the number of attacks detected or the number of logs. The metrics you select is for the organization to use in the future to identify if the overall adoption process was a success. You cannot provide metrics for what is not in place at Techfite yet, keep in mind that this is a proposal to adopt.


Make sure to cite at least 3 sources and create a reference page.

Check Before Submitting

· Grammar and spelling

· Average paper is 4-5 pages; how many do you have? No more than 10 pages.

· Have someone else read your paper and verify that you have covered each competency listed above.

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