Meyer describes the good, the bad and the ugly aspects of monopolies. Describe each of these.  In thinking about the Economist article about the internet monopolies, can you recognize any of these good, bad and ugly aspects of monopolies with respect to the internet giants that you deal with as a consumer?


Distinguish between government, health care providers, and patient views regarding quality of medical care. Provide examples of types of care that would be considered quality.

Define the economic concepts of opportunity cost, supply and demand, and marginal analysis. Discuss how they could be applied to the decision making of health care providers.

Name six advantages and six disadvantages of using cash as a form of payment. How do you compare with the same advantages and disadvantages with digital payment system such as ApplePay, AliPayor WechatPay in global global transactions? Please make sure to provide citations and references along with at least one comment to another posting by your fellow class.

Why are adware or spyware malware considered a security threat? How is it relevant to the global cyber attack happened May 12, 2017 by another hacker group dubbed as WannaCry (the name of the virus attack). This massive ransomware cyber attack has already hit many healthcare and security agency related to organizations in 99 countries in Asia and Europe. For more detail information, you may visit this url links for further reading.


Which of the four market entry strategies is most lucrative? And why. Give credible reasons to substantiate your answers.


In our chapter reading this week, we learned A LOT about various ways firms can expand and partner to enter other markets and be on the global stage.  We also read about many failures from the large firms that “should have known better”.

Many global retailers are targeting China, India, and other emerging markets. In our text, we are introduced to four major strategies for global expansion, described in Figure 12-4 below:

exhibit 12-4.jpg

YOUR QUESTION TO ANSWER:  Consider the company your team is using for the term project COMPANY chosen is Chewy online pet store . What would be the most likely entry strategy for your firm to use given the country you have chosen to enter?  Justify your answer.

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