Question 11

1. The administrative role of performance appraisals often creates stress for managers doing the appraisals and the employees being evaluated, because the rater is placed in the role of judge.



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Question 12

1. When a key part of performance management, the performance appraisal, is used to punish employees, _____.


a. performance appraisal is more effective


b. performance management is less effective


c. performance management is more effective


d. performance appraisal is less effective

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Question 13

1. _____ is a technique for distributing ratings that are generated with any of the other appraisal methods and comparing the ratings of people in a work group.


a. Behavioral rating scales


b. Forced distribution


c. Critical incident


d. Essay method

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Question 14

1. Employee attitude is classified as trait-based information.



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Question 15

1. The recency effect occurs when a rater gives greater weight to information received first when appraising an individual’s performance.



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Question 16

1. _____ recognizes that for many jobs, employee performance is multidimensional and crosses departmental, organizational, and even national boundaries.


a. 360-degree rating


b. Peer rating


c. Outsider rating


d. Self-rating

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Question 17

1. The _____ occurs when a manager uses only the lower part of the scale to rate employees.


a. leniency error


b. strictness error


c. recency effect


d. primacy effect

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Question 18

1. Which of the following statements is true of developing a performance-focused culture throughout the organization?


a. In firms with a performance-focused culture, performance appraisal activities are seen as having few ties to performance and are primarily regarded as a “bureaucratic exercise.”


b. Firms with performance-focused cultures have more positive performance than those with a maintenance-orientation culture.


c. In firms with a performance-focused culture, adequate performance and stability dominate the firm.


d. Firms with performance-focused cultures do not usually provide training to managers and employees.

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Question 19

1. The _____ occurs when ratings of all employees fall at the high end of the scale.


a. central tendency


b. primacy effect


c. leniency error


d. recency effect

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Question 20

1. Performance appraisal is the entire series of activities designed to ensure that the organization gets the performance it needs from its employees.



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