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Economic Detective

South Gamara •• Problem South Gamara is a less developed country in the southern part of Africa. It was under French colonial rule from 1868 to 1927. The decades following independence saw a civil war and a series of ruthless military dictators. For the past five years South Gamara has been ruled by President Amoto, who has been trying to stabilize the country, help it develop, and relieve his people’s poverty. Use what you have learned in this chapter to answer the following questions.

n Investigation 1 / When President Amoto took office, his first

priority was to determine his country’s level of development compared to other countries of the world.

1. What factors will President Amoto’s economic advisers use to measure South Gamara’s level of development?

2. How will President Amoto’s economic advisors determine South Gamara’s per capita gross domestic product? ————————–

n Investigation 2 / The World Health Organization has been

sending representatives to South Gamara since President Amoto took office, bringing vaccines and medicines to improve the health of the people. Gradually life expectancy has increased. South Gamarans have always had large families, and now with improved health care, more and more of the children survive.

1. What will result from an increased life expectancy and improved health care? _______________ _


2. What problems will this situation cause South Gamara if the country does not increase its GDP? __________________________ _

~ n Investigation 3 @ / The government of South Gamara owns the

few businesses and industries that exist in the country. President Amoto wants to bring more industry to his country, but South Gamara is very poor and his people lack capital to build production facilities and businesses.

1. What are some of President Amoto’s options for developing industry in South Gamara? _____ _

2. What are President Amoto’s options for privatiz- ing some of the government-owned businesses?


Chapter 18 Economic Detective 23)

Investigation 1 Question 1:
Investigation 1 Question 2:
Investigation 2 Question 1:
Investigation 2 Question 2:
Investigation 3 Question 1:
Investigation 3 Question 2:

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