Chapter 08—Video Marketing

True / False
1. An increasing amount of time is spent viewing videos.​

  a. True
  b. False
ANSWER:   True
2. Mobile and time-shifted video are the trends marketers must accommodate. ​

  a. True
  b. False
ANSWER:   True
3. Online video can act like an infomercial by showcasing a product’s features and benefits.​

  a. True
  b. False
ANSWER:   True
4. It is easy to create a video that accomplishes marketing objectives and goes viral.​

  a. True
  b. False
ANSWER:   False
5. One benefit of focusing on delivering content to a core audience is that it can result in higher conversion rates.

  a. True
  b. False
ANSWER:   True
6. One way to make video sharing easier is to ensure each video has descriptive keywords, tags and a title.​

  a. True
  b. False
ANSWER:   True
7. Tertiary sharing is the easiest step in sharing videos online.​

  a. True
  b. False
ANSWER:   False
Multiple Choice
8. Regarding smartphone use, which of the following is false? ​

  a. ​U.S. consumers who view branded video content on smartphones are more likely to feel personally connected to ads than those who watch on a desktop or tv.
  b. ​Shoppers use smartphones for information while shopping.
  c. ​Some shoppers prefer to use smartphones for information rather than ask a store employee.
  d. ​Consumers are more likely to purchase a product if they see the ad on tv instead of their smartphones.
  e. ​The smartphone viewing completion rate of videos was 10%.
9. Creating a video to demonstrate how to use the product is called: ​

  a. ​building brand awareness.
  b. ​appealing to large audiences.
  c. ​showcasing the product.
  d. ​engaging a wide variety of viewers.
  e. ​generating business leads.
10. One reason that video creates a stronger connection with consumers is​:

  a. ​because it tells a story.
  b. ​that it is seen as a diversion or quick break.
  c. ​because viewers are more vested in content when there is a human face attached.
  d. ​it creates community.
  e. ​people don’t like to read.
11. A marketer can encourage users to share its video by doing all of these except:​

  a. ​creating an entertaining video.
  b. ​interacting with other content creators.
  c. ​having contests or incentives to encourage sharing.
  d. ​offering something for free advertising.
  e. ​all of these would encourage users to share a video.
12. Using real people in actual locations when creating a video is an example of​:

  a. ​authenticity.
  b. ​professionalism.
  c. ​intimacy.
  d. ​being entertaining.
  e. ​human drama.
13. Brevity is important when creating videos because​:

  a. ​most videos on sharing sites are short.
  b. ​longer videos take longer to load.
  c. ​people have short attention spans.
  d. ​shorter videos are more popular.
  e. ​research shows that 76% of viral videos are under two minutes.
14. ​Which of the following is a true statement?

  a. ​The majority of online videos that fail to spread within the first 24 hours never become popular.
  b. ​Secondary sharing describes when content is shared by people who do not have connections with the content creator.
  c. ​YouTube’s opinion leaders are those more likely to have posted an online video.
  d. ​Secondary sharing is the most important stage to establishing a video’s audience.
  e. ​Primary sharing explains when fans and friends begin spreading a video.
15. Most sharing of information online is done with​:

  a. YouTube​.
  b. ​Facebook.
  c. ​Twitter.
  d. ​instant message.
  e. ​email.
16. ​View completion of videos is greatest on which device?

  a. ​Television.
  b. ​Gaming console.
  c. ​Desktop computer.
  d. ​Tablet.
  e. ​Smartphone.
17. Which of the following is not a best practice for video marketing? ​

  a. ​Make a creative sales video.
  b. ​Design and produce videos for mobile.
  c. ​Design and produce videos for the platforms on which they are to appear.
  d. ​Optimize your videos to be found in search.
  e. ​Post your videos on multiple platforms.
18. ​What was the main challenge facing the creators of the Old Spice Guy video?

  a. ​Convincing men to buy Old Spice
  b. ​Illustrating that the Old Spice brand was not old and out of date
  c. ​Promoting the videos on other social channels while still reaching YouTube influencers
  d. ​Positioning the body wash as masculine while marketing to women
  e. ​Creating the video content quickly enough for the social media responses to appear timely
19. The medium on which people spend most time viewing is: ​

  a. ​television.
  b. ​smartphone.
  c. ​desktop computer.
  d. ​tablet.
  e. ​smartphone and tablet combined.
Subjective Short Answer
20. What is the AEIOU rule for developing video content?​

ANSWER:   Video should be authentic, entertaining, intimate, offbeat, and unusual.​
21. What are the advantages of marketing with online videos?​

1. Video can engage viewers as it provides more stimuli than other forms of communication.
2. Video can reach larger audiences, especially since more people choose to consume online information visually.
3. Video is an effective way to showcase a product by demonstrating its features and benefits.​

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