Case Study Draft Rubric

HMG 6280

Spring 2020

Abstract: 50/50

(Not an introduction, but a paragraph offering an overview of the entire paper.)

Statement/ Questions and dilemmas of the case study: 50/50

(Make sure you have a topic statement (e.g. the purpose of this paper is to…) and the various issues that you are interested in discussing using open-ended questions.)

Background of the topic: 50/50

(This is where you present two-three topics with research from your academic publications supporting the various issues related to your case. At least 2-3 sentences per section for the draft.)

Supporting Paragraphs/ Analysis of the dilemma: 50/50

(These paragraphs offer your critique of the issue and examine the problem through an informed lens.)

Integration of Information: 50/50

(Be sure to interject references in each paragraph where you provide information that is not intuitive. Additionally, please be sure to paraphrase the information you have found or use quotations and page numbers.)

Spelling, Grammar, Paper Formatting: 50/50

(Please proofread for grammar, spelling, and formatting.)

Writing Style and Academic Tone: 50/50

(Please write in third person narrative.)

Conclusion: 50/50

(Make sure you provide a conclusion wrapping up the paper. Do not just end it.)

Use of Quotations and Research Findings: 50/50

(Make sure to have some quotations in your case study. Please integrate them into the paragraphs.)

References/In source citations: 50/50

(Please make sure to use APA formatting. See: )

Make sure you have at least ten in the final paper and please make sure to use them in the text.

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