8. Which of the following statements about reorganization is true?


A. Managers shouldn’t waste their time reevaluating organizational structure and processes.


B. Organizational structure must be changed to accommodate changes in strategy.


C. An organization’s strategy must be adapted to its structure.


D. Once the structure is established, it shouldn’t be changed.


9. Which of the following is not one of the principles underlying formal organization theory?


A. Each person should report to one boss only.


B. Authority is the lifeblood of the managerial position.


C. The formal structure is the main network for organizing and managing the activities of the enterprise.


D. A manager can effectively supervise an unlimited number of subordinates so long as the organizational structure is sound.


10. When dealing with an informal group in the department, a manager’s best approach is to


A. acknowledge the group’s existence and understand it.


B. let Human Resources know about the group and its members.


C. institute sanctions against the group’s leader.


D. break up the group.


11. Pro re nata is a Latin term used for


A. telecommuting.


B. part time employees.


C. compressed scheduling.


D. flextime.


12. The human resources department is involved in all aspects of hiring a new employee except for which


of the following?


A. Retrieving candidates’ references


B. Recruiting the candidate


C. Conducting peer interviews


D. Relevant testing of the candidate


13. The human resources department has what type of authority?


A. Line


B. Functional


C. Command


D. Staff


14. Which of the following areas is the least likely to be outsourced by a health care facility?


A. Patient billing


B. Laundry


C. Nursing


D. Food service


15. While at lunch with Jess, another manager in the organization, Nicole discusses a dilemma in her


department regarding the way certain tasks are done. Jess advises Nicole to get feedback from the informal


group leader. Nicole thinks this isn’t a good idea because she doesn’t want anyone to think she is playing


favoritism with the leader. Who is correct?


A. Both Jess and Nicole are correct.


B. Nicole is correct.


C. Neither is correct.


D. Jess is correct.


16. Which of the following pieces of information can prospective employees be required to provide on the


job application?


A. Marital status


B. Birthplace


C. Degree attained


D. Age


17. The infection control committee is an example of a/an _______ committee.


A. standing


B. ad hoc


C. temporary


D. discussional


18. What functions do staff personnel serve in an organization?


A. Administrative


B. Decision making


C. Command


D. Advisory


19. Which of the following positions does not have line authority?


A. Subordinate managers


End of exam


B. Administrators


C. Assistant-to


D. Manager


20. Which of the following is not part of the process of delegation?


A. Assigning duties and defining expected results


B. Creating a responsibility to perform the assigned duties satisfactorily


C. Asking permission to delegate from the chain of command


D. Granting authority to subordinates to make decisions and use resources





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