1  Background of company


Fulton Hogan Australia Pty. Ltd. provides civil engineering services. The Company constructs road and pavements, bridges, buildings, ports, reservoir intake structures, rail infrastructure, and airports. Fulton Hogan Australia conducts its business in Australia and New Zealand.

Manager Title: Project Manager


Question One: What formal or informal training have you had as a manager to manage work within a team?

In a line of management that I have been in throughout my career it is a systematic process throughout your position from most junior to most senior and that is progressing from not managing people or projects through to managing quite a significant amount of people.  And as the career of my own grew as a civil engineer in infrastructure projects it progresses from being a technical person, so majority of your work is in relation to solving problems of technical nature on site. Through to moving into managing people, budgets and programs at the most senior level. So, as you go through the ladders of your career it is the experience that gives you the biggest advantage in learning how to manage teams. By observation and working from teams in the beginning, this is the area I have been working in, However to be an effective manager of people you need to develop your interpersonal skills in order to get the best out of people. Therefore, I have been given a number of different training sessions which are formal; I have been on a number of leadership trainings both for inter-gender and women in construction and women in senior leadership. I have been given the opportunity to do the mentoring training and I also do have several personal mentors I can go and ask for help when situations arise

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Question Two: How do you encourage staff to work in a team and why is this important?

In the line of work that I do it is impossible to be successful on your own, it always a team effort and if you work within the team then the team can be successful. You cannot be a successful individual in an un-successful team and vice versa. When people work together, they always fill in the gaps they do the things they are the best at, they share in experience and expertise they support each other and encourage one another. Usually teams’ members would be having different approaches, I would take a step further and suggest diverse teams are the best teams from different places backgrounds, genders and agers. Everyone can provide an input to come up with the best solution, no matter how smart a person might be they will have their own biases and opinions. With teams you can provide a very good and best value solutions. I encourage people by always working in teams and making sure everyone is including and everyone’s input is valued, and everyone can speak up. Participating and observing and ensuring all peoples opinions are heard. Understanding that people are introverts or extroverts, some people will easily give their opinion others need to be encouraged. Being observant and being a manager who understands their team means they can get the best out of everyone.

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Question Three: In your opinion what is the value of working in a team?

 As per my previous answer working in a team is the way of getting the best out of many minds a possible taking advantage of different opinions approaches and ideas. Working with a one-person environment is limited to that person’s opinions biases and approaches.

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Question 4 : When managing teams, which manager role do you employee?

I believe that the best managers just amend their managing ways depending to the task and who they are working with and what context they are working in. Sometimes being a supervisor is the way sometimes you need to be the network facilitator and often you also do your own part. You coach people doing work. Probably the supervisor is not really what I do. I don’t just watch people I need to participate. Showing people where to go and how to find things is my favorite part of being a manger.  I enjoy giving them guidance and being able to watch them discover their own answers and grow in their positions. When working in a team there is always a task that needs to be done, I cannot imagine a manager not participating in some portion of the work in order to deliver what needs to be done. Teaching coaching and helping better people is a huge part of being a manager, you cannot be successful if your team is not also.

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Question 5 : Do you believe that a small dose of conflict is essential to have effective performance?

I don’t necessarily believe in conflict. It has a very negative connotation it conveys that people need to argue. I do believe in discussion and brain storming. I do believe that people should have opinions and their opinions don’t have to be the same; and I believe that people should be able to honestly discuss their difference in opinions but that is not necessarily conflict. Conflict is when there is a fight and that’s not necessary or efficient. It should be that people feel empowered to discuss their opinions without being offended. Obviously at some point decisions are made and every needs to stick by their team’s decisions if they agree or not. To be in a team you have to have a democracy not an authoritarian team, then it is not a team bur rather people just fulfilling orders. So, if it is a democracy sometimes you need to agree to disagree and sometimes it is very helpful for a team to choose the right decision and you will need to support that decisions as your own. Being in a team means making sacrifices for the betterment of you all.

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Question 6  Do you find that new employees become more competent in their work after having worked in teams compared to by themselves?

 How can you get competent on something if you’re working on your own? You can’t. So even if you’re learning watching YouTube or reading a book it is still an input from another person. So, it’s not something you come up with on your own, you do not discover everything on your own. So obviously when you work in a team you can ask questions and get coached and trained and taught and observe people doing things you can make choices for yourself which are positive negative and what works for you. I cannot imagine how you could be better at your job if you were isolated.

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Question 7: Do you find that working on a project collaboratively you are able to achieve a higher quality of work and at a quicker time?

Of course you are, higher quality of course you are. There is no other way because you have more experience, expertise and everything. Now is it going to be quicker? I don’t know. It depends on the job context and situation. It depends on what you are doing and the outcomes you are after. One person can potentially provide an outcome quicker but it’s not going to be better.

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Please paraphrase his recommendations here. He did 2 of recommendation but I need one more.

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