36. _________ are key management functions.

A. Planning, organizing, leading, and controlling

B. Marketing, finance, accounting, and production

C. Planning, operations, labor, and contracting

D. Hiring, training, appraising, and firing

E. Marketing, management, finance, and accounting

37. The need for interpersonal and communication skills

A. fades as a manager moves from the lower levels of an organization into the upper management arena.

B. fades as a manager moves from the upper management arena to the lower levels of an organization.

C. is important at every level of management.

D. fades at the bottom.

E. is important at the bottom only

38. Archer Inc. recently embarked on an effort to increase coordination and cooperation within the company. During the process, the managers of the organization reviewed and specified job responsibilities, grouped jobs into work units, and reallocated resources within the company. The managers were exercising the management function of

A. planning.

B. organizing.

C. leading.

D. controlling.

E. budgeting

39. The opportunities for mass production created by the ______ spawned intense and systematic thought about management problems and issues.

A. economies of scale

B. industrial revolution

C. resurgence methodology

D. management and business education schools

E. sociotechnical systems theory

40. _____ is a classical management approach that attempted to build into operations the specific procedures and processes that would ensure coordination of effort to achieve established goals and plans.

A. Scientific management

B. Administrative management

C. Systematic management

D. Human relations

E. Bureaucracy

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