After viewing the film, address the following parameters. Organize your post using the three discussion headings.

Part I

1.) Summarize the film in 1-2 concise sentences.

2.) Apply one of the major sociological perspectives to the film. Thoroughly explain how the perspective you are applying would explain this topic. Make sure to engage with examples that work to illustrate your points.

3.) Compose three discussion questions that you think are relevant to this topic. Your questions should be analytical and illicit a discussion amongst you classmates; not simply yes or no responses.

4.) Provide relevant information that you found outside of class that would relate to this article or film, for example, recent policies that have been enacted or something statistically related to the topic. Cite your source.

Part II

Visit the following website: Link

• What job did you choose?

• What was the most difficult choice(s) you had to make when it came to expenses?

• What was your emotional state as the game progressed?

• Did any of the facts that popped up on the screen as you played surprise you?

• Did you ever reach out to friends for help? Why or Why not?

• Were there any scenarios that would have really bothered you had you actually made that choice? How do you think this impacts one’s psychology?

• What did you learn from playing this game?

Part III

Respond to at least 2 of your classmates’ posts. You should include an additional source (per comment) that adds value to the discussion (150 words).

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