Hello I am class manager: Alexis Litterini

1. Hheelloo- professor talks about Robert Frost (poet): decision making “The Road Not Taken”

2. Module 2 by Brandon 3. Quiz by Yasmine 4. Discuss ch 1 &2 by Time manager- Ammar 5. Assignment 1 by Amber 6. Discussion Assistant by Nick 7. Criteria (algorithm) for every task by Jairon 8. Be comfortable and confident by Mike K 9. Question and answer/ read through the text 10. Instill confidence 11. Textbook

Assignment 1 (10 min) 11:48

– Not all are graded – Text professor if you want yours graded – If assignment is misunderstood see Professor for help

Assignment 2

Write a one page report on Chapter 1 and 2 with the same style of module 1 assignment and it’s requirement. Please add subtitle to your paper including a name for your paper, major topics under consideration, conclusion (a paragraph of personal experience) and a reference list. Keep your citations and references as a evidence for the midterm and final.

– 1 page – Don’t paraphrase, use quotations straight out of the text/article – Chapters 1 &2 – Professor wants 100, but changed his mind to aim for a 90 to lessen stress and pressure of

perfection – Perfection is only acceptable after failures – Page numbers


– Is Wikipedia okay? – Ammar Answer: It is a good source to investigate, but it is not reliable

– Can we just take a quote, then another quote to explain? – Mike G A: Yes, I want you to read

– For assignment 1, one of my external sources that was cited is a source that you (the professor used) is that okay? -Patrick A: That’s fine, because you investigated and did research.

– Computer is binary, how can the Y2K problem be solved? – Ammar A: We have to convert everything


– Professor wants Patrick to help classmates for extra points because Patrick knows all the answers

– Katherine read the first question – Answer to number 1 is True by Quinn

– Question


– Substantial paragraph


– Cellphone and watch use is not unethical, unless we abuse it

Class notes (Nicholas) 9/16/19

Mike K, Mike G Information systems store information. Like the class and it could change your life. Instill confidence on us. Pay attention and course will be easy. Just do the work. Patrick knows all the answers. Luck comes with skill Computer is binary- everything showed with 0 and 1 Disseminate means to give out. Good Bengalie food in Bronx. Professor calls airlines and yells at them to test the machine. Assignment 2:

 One page or two

 Professor wants you to get 100 but if you get 90 that’s good. Dont always be perfect

 9 citations from textbook 2 more from other sources


 Pay attention and course will be easy

 Just do the work

 Quote then one sentence talking about it is good

 Textbook explains things well

 Page number in citation for evidence

 Professor wants us to investigate

 If yo email it to the professor post it on blackboard too just in case Quiz 1:

 If telling someone the answer show them where it is

 When telling someone an answer show them where it is

 Question: The problem with Y2K was that the year 2000 could not be presented in a two digit format. In addition the 2000 was a leap year since it was divisible by 400. Answer:True

 Question: 7-eleven had to file for bankruptcy. However, they become a profit making company after installing an Information System that actively see what was in demand at certain stores and even being able to order inventory and get it in the store the next day. Answer: 7-11 borrowed money and invested in information technology. They know how many employees they need and when to buy certain products etc. Answer: True

 Information technology disseminates last Criteria (Algorithm):

Professor is criteria oriented

 Information managers are responsible for criteria

 Say algorithm because it’s a big word

Robert Frost famous poems “The Road Not Taken”, “Nothing Gold Can Stay”, “Mending Wall”.

 His poem talks about every aspect of one’s life is determined by the decisions he makes. Managers should delegate

Amber is a color, it is warm and radiant and is associated with energy

Blackboard is harsh and doesn’t know its customers

Dr. Ebrahimi believes that how your weekend went has a huge effect on how your week goes.

Dr. Ebrahimi wants your to be comfortable and he will help us be confident

“inventions came after failures” – Dr. Ebrahimi

Professor doesn’t expect perfection, he just wants you to do it

Professor prefers texts, he receives a lot of emails.


Professor doesn’t want to see any more “I don’t know how to”, go to YouTube, look It up

Assignment 2, Module 2, in one page just pick up three topics. He doesn’t except us to paraphrase, feel free to copy a paste but make sure you cite your work.

Everything you share, make sure you have evidence. Share where you got it from.

People want creditable.

Professor helped a student recover her image by creating a webpage.

D is 68 (your voice translates to numbers on the phone and computer)

Patrick DeVito has the knowledge to help us with the quiz.

Teachers are not to hold your hand and walk you, they are the spark to get you started.

Show people how to fish instead of giving them the fish. Everything is a skill.

Dr. Ebrahimi doesn’t want us to give the answers because we don’t know what he put as the answer for it so he doesn’t want us to take responsibility.

When it comes to talking about personal experience, you can ask your mom and your dad and that is also considered personal experience.

Dr. Ebrahimi tells the president of the school to get money for the school.

7-evelen was on the verge of bankruptcy but they borrowed money and invested in information systems and they saved the company.

There is no ambiguity in robots.

Dr. Ebrahimi grew up in the Bronx.

Use the word Algorithm

Don’t be up at midnight watching horror movies, they are profiling you.

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