Exercise 7-4

The following control procedures are used in Penny’s Boutique Shoppe for cash disbursements.

(a) For each procedure, explain the weakness in internal control and identify the internal control principle that is violated.

Procedure Weakness Principle Violated
1. Each week, 100 company checks are left in an unmarked envelope on a shelf behind the cash register.
2. The store manager personally approves all payments before she signs and issues checks.
3. The store purchases used goods for resale from people that bring items to the store. Since that can occur anytime that the store is open, all employees are authorized to purchase goods for resale by issuing cash from the register. The purchase is documented by having the store employee write on a piece of paper a description of the item that was purchased and the amount that was paid. The employee then signs the paper and puts it in the register.
4. After payment, bills are “filed” in a paid invoice folder.
5. The company accountant prepares the bank reconciliation and reports any discrepancies to the owner.  

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