Book Summary Websites – A Guide for College Students

A book summary provides a quick way to skim through a book and grasp the key concepts and  ideas presented. Books are fundermental to human growth as they are a source of information and knowlege. For many people, they are part of their daily life. Packed with excellent knowledge, they help in passing ideas that were documented by intellectuals.

If reading is your passion, as a student, you may find it hard to go through the hundred paged book one by one due to limited time. To take care of this, many book summary websites make it easy for students to go through several books without spending more time.

Discussed below are the top sites that you should look out for:

Whiz Writers

In this educational website, lesson plans, study guides as well as summarize book services are available. It contains some short books that have been outlined through analysis of 6000 literary works.  The website has more than 10,000 e-books and 8400 biographies in the database. It helps students to purchase their fellow student’s duplicates.

Both teachers and professional writers are part of the Whiz Writers website. In addition to the e-books, it has many characters together with their descriptions and a section for the best educational quotes.


Sparknotes is a Test Prep site that provides content and ACT services, GRE, AP as well as PSAT/SAT standardized tests. It offers book summarize functions of the educational publications such as Flash Kids and Poetry Classics. The scholarly books are available for every student right from kindergarten to grade 8. There are also some exercises for high school teachers.

It has a student section called SparkLife that focuses on the noneducational chapters for the teenagers. Sparknotes can be downloaded as a mobile App to offer:

  • Study guides that can be viewed online
  • 50 installed library study guides
  • Ability to download the study guide for offline use
  • Ability to share the book summary to friends


Cliffnotes provides a series of literature to summarize books. The site helps in promoting original work hence does not substitute the study guides for reading. In addition to the literature, it offers

  • CliffsTestPrep-this guides SATs, GED, LSAT and other tests.
  • CliffstudySolver-helps in mastering grammar, Spanish, algebra, and other tests.
  • CliffsAP- provides placement guides for strategies, action plans, exercises, and reviews.
  • Shakespeare double- it provides book summary for the original Shakespeare in contemporary English.


It’s one of the most significant web reading sites that offers book summary services hence giving the students a great learning tool. High school students can keep track of the books they read and also provide the recommendations to others. It is used by the kids who are over 13 years old hence suitable for high school children.

In this site, teachers create private groups to the read the collection of the books and do the quizzes related to them. After that, the students can be assigned a duty to summarize book that they are comfortable with.


This book summary website is similar to Goodreads, but the only difference is that the younger readers use it. Students can go through some books and keep track of the ones that they have read and the ones they haven’t. When you use this app, you also get to know what the others are reading and search them by author, genre or reading level.

BiblioNasium is an excellent resource that motivates children to read more. Teachers can make use of the site to challenge their students to go through specific genres that will more likely increase their reading skills. To improve the stakes, a contest can be set between two or more students/classes.

Book wizard

Bookwizard is a helpful site with comprehensive resources for students and also teachers. It has book summary lists, book reviews and lesson plans for each listed book. Students can go through the author section to get more information about the author and select their most preferred ones.

Also, librarians can use this fantastic feature to guide their students on the book links. This is because the site has a search section where you can enter the title of the book, synopsis, and reading level. Familiar and more advanced books can also be found here.

Book adventure

In book adventure, students can go through the books on the site, find quizzes and both teachers and parents can go through the results of their students. One good thing about this book summary website is that the students earn points and get rewards if they answer the book questions correctly. Also, you can track the number of books you have completed reading, the related ones and the ones that you have done exams on.

Reading Rockets

This is a national literacy initiative that’s packed with valuable ideas for children of all ages. It has a section for children books authors where the students can get a list of reading celebrations and holidays together with the links of classroom activities, related books, author interviews and educational websites. Since continuous reading can be tedious sometimes, the site provides some videos where they can engage directly with the authors.

Its content is designed is organized and planned in 24 themes such as night sky, art, and dinosaurs. Additionally, you can find great writing ideas from the authors who write the site’s content.

This site helps in promoting summertime reading and is helpful to both students and teachers. It has a well-organized content that includes links to the books and both history and science books. It is an excellent source of inspiration, and the book lists are arranged according to the subjects and the grade level. More interactive books have been added recently to the site making it convenient for all readers. Also, it has an audio center where the students can get the content by listening when they get tired of reading. It plays a significant role in encouraging the independent and focused young students.

These book summary websites play a vital role in providing the students what they need; it becomes easy for you to read and evaluate your skills through the quizzes. Also, you get the opportunity of connecting with other learners and sharing ideas. Online discussion boards and reviews help students to know new methods of looking for stories.

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