1. Hello Class, Assumptions I have about my research topic what do you know in trucking, Well I know a good bit since I have a future budget drawn out around a career for it. or so I think, but things do change like electronic trucks. I believed they wont take over, sadly they will eventually come along, google feed on my phone just showed a automic pickup. that’s being invented. , that it isn’t in the library really and I’m not going to do as good as I think on it. if I keep thinking this it will eventually happen just like ENG 121, this is reinforced by the book I heard on youtbue, “outwitting the devil by napoleon hill and science of getting rich by Wallace wattle..this is reinforcing something to happen. , read all I can and make the paper awesome, which I can do. so if I believe I can do a good paper and know I can, I will.

“Cognitive Dissonance Confirmation Bias Julian Gorbach.”, video on youtube. Confirmation bias seeking out information that conforms you view , you are wiling something to happen. on you view of something. and believe in it and don’t want it to change. Just like if I keep saying I don’t wanna fail this class but believe I might, I probably will. cause im so afraid of it. however with proper research and time and structure and proper thought and keeping an open mind I can pass this class with the best of them. and that is what I am set out to do.

Lastly with everything I have been learning the last few days and listening to, it seems its all full circle and starts with the one person, you , you yourself are incharge of shaping the bias. it can be negative or positive, and positive brings positive, negative brings negative, find the positive in the negative and you can see and make more positives, never under stood that until just now.

2. Confirmation bias which is also called confirmatory bias or myside bias is the tendency to look for information that confirms one’s pre-existing beliefs (Galef, 2016). To avoid confirmation bias you should discuss your thoughts with others. Do not be afraid to listen to someone who disagrees with you. (Chatfield, 2017). Research beyond disinformation and disinformation. With the understanding that others attempt to steer you away from simple accurate truth and fact. Remember that sorting through the propaganda can be more difficult then it seems.

One bias that may affect my research question is that I am a board member of PACTS International, a human rights organization that deals with governmental abuses. I know first hand the damage that propaganda, disinformation, and misinformation, used along with surveillance of the American population can do to people. Specific steps that I can take to minimize the effect of that bias are to take in information from many sources (Gorbach, 2017). Many people are affected by the governments’ domestic surveillance program, and their propaganda war to cover their abuses of the American people. Does the government use the resource that Obama phones give’s them to supplement their domestic surveillance of the American people? I will cover this further in my research paper. Taking in many sources should include the information that a person would, upon hearing, immediately dismiss. Through my work at PACTS International, I have heard many stories about governmental surveillance abuse. Years of sifting through data and stories that people tell us have lead to the inevitable conclusion that the stories are true. The American government is not only committing surveillance abuse on its citizens but much worse than that. I will briefly cover some of the much worse in my research paper, but only how it pertains to surveillance.

Learning about confirmation bias has contributed to my growth as a researcher by making me more determined to dip deep enough to disprove the propaganda accurately. Without consideration as to how it affects my research paper or how it makes me or anyone else look, sound, or appear to be.

3. Confirmation bias is when we interpret information and favor the topic and form it to our belief. Researchers are to be aware of it because with conformation bias, one can tend to believe certain information that might not be exactly the right evidence they need for their research, but they are in favor of what it its their reading and want to agree it.

One bias that I might have toward my research question, is not siding with my topic that I picked. The topic goes two ways in my opinion and I tend to not agree with the reasons of having it due to it being unfair in many ways. As a teacher, you want to have the highest success with your students and not be in somewhat of a competition with your fellow teachers as to who gets a higher pay due to the success of the students. I tend to think one way on the subject and be biased toward over all fairness. A few steps I can take to minimize the effects, is learn to research the pros and cons of the topic and find reasons to support my topic and not lean toward only what I want to know and not research only the reasons that agree with my opinion of not having merit pay for teachers.

Conformation bias has contributed to my growth and as a learner and researcher by changing the way I think toward something that I might be one sided with. I have learned to be more open minded toward others opinions and not just my own. This week has given me a new insight on conformation bias and learning how to recognize it when conformation bias is taking place. I have to weigh the pros and cons of the research and not be so one sided just because I tend to believe more strongly on my own biased opinion. Being biased won’t give all the actual facts I need to write a well written research paper. Hoping as time goes on and I learn even more about conformation bias that I will be able to distinguish between facts and my biased opinion.

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