Evaluation Title: Environmental Literacy Plan – Phase III
This week you will add to your Environmental Literacy Plan information about climate change and NIMBY in your community. You will need to explore your community and take a few pictures to include in your plan.


What are the main impacts of climate change?
What can the community do to slow down the effects of climate change?
Find three (3) news articles about climate change within the last two years. Summarize the articles and their impact. Cite and reference the articles in APA on the References page of the document.
Find a lake, pond, or river in your community. Take a picture of its conditions. Is there any pollution? Do you see any wildlife present? Is the water level high or low?
Explain NIMBY. What evidence of NIMBY is present in your community? Where are the water treatment plant, landfills, or power plant located?
Format this information using the template provided or create your own template. You may also modify the template layout as long as it meets all of the assignment requirements.

Validate your statements and opinions with supporting evidence (citations and references) in APA form.

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