1.The musculoskeletal system is made up of two main components: the muscles and the skeleton. Yet there is no “muscle doctor” or “skeleton doctor.” Why do you think that is so? Why would it be important for the medical community to specialize even further? Please provide an example

2.Choose a disease or disorder of the muscular or skeletal systems.

•Research the disease or disorder by finding at least one research article AND one reputable web site to inform your response.

•Then, write your initial post as if you were educating a patient with no anatomy or physiology background, including:

◦What disease/disorder did you choose a why?

◦What system does it affect?

◦What is the normal anatomy of the affected area? (ex. If you chose tibia fracture, explain the normal structure and function of the leg…but be sure to choose something much more interesting and in depth!)

◦What happens to the anatomy in the presence of this disease/disorder?

◦What are the symptoms, diagnostic tests/images, and treatments for this disease/disorder (and anything else a patient may want to know)

◦What preventative measures could improve the outlook for this patient? How can they protect the health of their bones and muscles? (This can be more generalized)

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