Assignment #3 Grading Rubric Name:

Highly Competent Competent Minimally Competent Not Competent
Organization (8 points) Careful organization that enhances presentation; definite/appropriate intro and closure segments Logical organization; somewhat effective intro and closure segments Some organization; lapses in focus and/or coherence; attempt at introduction and closure segments Random and/or weak organization; no attempt at intro and closure segments
References/APA Format

(8 points)

At least 8 credible references which are cited using APA format in text and on the reference page 6 or 7 credible references; minor APA errors in text and/or on the reference page Less than 5 credible references; some APA format errors in text and/or on the reference page Lack of reference or reference page, numerous APA format errors in text and/or on the reference page
Mechanics (8 points) Virtually no errors in mechanics (spelling, grammar and/or sentence structure) Few errors in mechanics relative to length and complexity; fewer than 6 pages in length Some errors in mechanics but not enough to interfere with communication; fewer than 5 pages in length Errors in mechanics that affect communication
Arguments (16 points) At least 3 well-formed arguments representing stance on debate Fewer than 3 well-formed arguments, but stance on debate is evident Arguments lacked focus or organization; some question as to stance on debate Very little development in arguments and/or stance not evident
Total /40 points


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