Dear students please answer the following questions:

1.- If you are using a light microscope with an objective lens of 10 X and its ocular lens is 10 X, what is the total magnification of the image?

2.- What is the function of the revolving nosepiece?

3.- What is the difference between the condenser and the iris diaphragm?

4.- What is the difference between the coarse focus adjustment and fine adjustment knob?

5.- What is the dark field microscope?

6- Define Organic Compounds.

7-Name the most common Organic Compounds.

8-The smallest unit that can carry out all activities associated with life is known as___________________

9- Who was Robert Hooke.

10- Who was Antonie van Leeuwenhoek.

11- Define a Light Microscopes.

12-Define a Electron Microscopes.

13• Name Five different optical systems help biologists study living cells.

14-•Eukaryotic cells are characterized by highly organized and specialized membrane-enclosed organelles. Name the organelles that Eukaryotic Cells have.

15.What is a Prokaryotic Cell?

Describe the biosafety level classification system in the U.S. and the biohazard risk classification used by the WHO. What additional safety concerns are there for BL3-LS? What documentation and additional safety precautions would a company need to take to manufacture at this level? What building modifications might be required and how might the production process be modified?

I am a huge fan of merging biology and entertainment. You have seen examples of popular songs turned into biology tunes ( ). Movies, such as Osmosis Jones, provide an entertaining look at biology. Cells at Work is an anime series on Netflix about human biology.
Create an original piece of work that focuses on any topic covered in this course. You can use whatever media you choose (write a song, rework an existing song, create a cartoon, draw a comic strip, act out a short story, create a painting or drawing, etc).
This is a completely optional assignment worth 15 points extra credit.

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