Continue analyzing the situation your case study’s healthcare organization faces. In this milestone, you will evaluate the impact of policies and policy changes on the healthcare organization’s strategic plan. You will also consider the role that the healthcare manager and other organizational stakeholders have in strategic planning.

In a short paper, address the policies of the healthcare organization. Be sure to address the following:

Provide a brief summary of the organization’s current policies with regard to the issue it is facing.
To what extent do you feel current organizational policies address the influence of the identified environmental or external factors? Be sure to justify your rationale.
What internal policy changes or new policies do you feel will need to be implemented to more effectively address the issue? Be sure to justify your response.
What role should the healthcare manager assume in terms of guiding strategic planning processes around policy revision or development? Why?
To what extent do the identified key stakeholders influence the strategic planning process in terms of policy change or development?

The American Eugenics Movement.

1. What is Social Darwinism? How is it actually related to Darwin’s work? What popular ideas did this idea support? Hint: See question one of the Gould questions.

2. Name at least three of the famous supporter’s of the American Eugenics Movement?

3. What was the stated purpose of this organization? What were some of the programs supported by this movement?

4. How many states had legalized sterilization of the unfit which overtly or covertly labeled promiscuity in women a defect? Which state performed the most sterilizations?

6. Why has North Carolina been in the news about sterilizations?

7. When were the last forced sterilizations performed? Where?

8. Did the implementation of these laws involve racism? Sexism? How?

9. Discuss how this topic makes you feel. Are you surprised, angry, appalled that this happened so recently in America?

10 What struck you the most about the stories of the North Carolina sterilizations.

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