n the mid-1950s, the  first study linking cigarette smoking to lung cancer    was published. In the  decades that followed, many other studies supported this   finding and a host of  other health-related effects attributed to smoking were   uncovered. Over the last few  decades, cities and states have created local regulations   prohibiting smoking  in certain public places. In 2009, the U.S. Food and Drug   Administration was  given regulatory authority of all tobacco products. Chapter 20 of your  textbook begins with a comparison of two sources of       inhalable nicotine:  traditional tobacco cigarettes and E-cigarettes. Because     E-cigarettes are a  relatively new technology, less is known about the      long-term  effects of the  firsthand and secondhand inhalation of vaping      products. However,  in recent  years they have been treated and regulated      similarly to traditional   cigarettes.

Your assignment for this   unit is to create a 10- to  12-slide PowerPoint  presentation that covers the    following elements:
the  anatomy and physiology of respiration (e.g., explain how breathing                       works);the  effects of the inhalation of smoke and E-cigarette vapor on gas                       exchange in the  lungs;specific diseases associated with smoking, both pulmonary and cardiovascular; and lastly,  based on what you know about E-cigarettes from the reading and your own  research, defend or oppose the regulation of vaping products   as traditional  cigarettes. You will need to cite and reference at least one article from the CSU        Library databases as one of your sources of information. CSU  Library Database Instructions

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