1. Radioactive isotopes have

2. ____ Bonds hold molecules of water together.

3. A hydrogen bond is

4. Which of the following is true of water molecules when water becomes ice?

5. A water molecule is polar because

6. Which of the following is a monomer of protein?

7. Which of the following statements is true?

8. Which of the following lipids makes up most of a plasma membrane?

9. If you could stick a microscopic pin into the center of a bacterium, what would the order of the structures you would encounter from the outside in?

10. Eukaryotic cells have their DNA enclosed in the

11. Which of the following are primarily structures for the packaging of cellular secretions for export from the cell?

12. Which organelle has enzymes that break down fatty acids, amino acids, and toxins?



The assignment is to write-up the following: Please track the changes he experiences through the movie. Why did he do this diet? What was his starting health? What happened to him along the way? Attitude, Health, etc.? At each weigh in? What was his ending health? What did the medical professionals say at the start, middle, end?

Include information on how many times a week you eat fast food (McD, Chick F-A, Taco Bell… any of the “bad” ones) and why you eat it.

200-250 words


Vitamin and minerals comprise the micronutrients we eat. You started your two-week journey to learn about the micronutrients this week.  Our forum topic will expand your knowledge on micronutrients as well as discuss many of the apps that are available to analyze your diet for micronutrients. There are three topics.

Initial Post:  Respond to the topic below that corresponds to the starting letter of your last name.  If your last name starts with, then your topic is…

A – H:       Topic 1
I – P:         Topic 2
Q – Z:       Topic 3

Topic 1:  According to the CDC, more than half of all Americans consumed a supplement in 2012.  Supplements are common in our culture, and many people think they need to consume a supplement to be healthy.  Are supplements safe?  In this forum, we will investigate vitamin and mineral supplements.

Using your favorite search engine, find a vitamin and mineral supplement and evaluate it. In your initial forum post, discuss the following:

  • What is the cost of these supplements?
  • How do the amounts of vitamins and minerals in the product compare with the DRIs, AI, and UL?
  • Are the levels of nutrients safe?
  • What compounds are included that are not essential nutrients?
  • What disclaimers or warnings are made about the product? Does the manufacturer provide scientific evidence to back up their claim?
  • How likely is the supplement to improve a person’s health?

Topic 2: Joe is a chronic alcohol drinker for many years and pays no attention to his diet.  Excess alcohol intake can cause deficiencies in certain B-vitamins.  Why?  Explain why this happens.

Topic 3:  There are many apps and computer programs available to analyze your die.  Examples are MyFitnessPal,, SelfNutrition, and Cronometer, but you are welcome to find a different one and report on it.  Pick one and do not repeat one another student has selected.  What are the pros and cons of that app?  Does it provide an analysis of all the macro and micronutrients?  If not, which ones are left out and why is that bad? Are these nutrients found to be deficient in the US diet?

Your initial post must be at least 250 words and posted by Wednesday at 11:55 pm EST. You need to state your thesis and support it with evidence and at least one outside, reputable reference. Your textbook is not an outside reference. Remember, there is no right or wrong.

Follow-up Posts: Once you have posted your initial forum discussion, you must reply to at least two other learner’s post.  One of your responses must be to the topic that was not your initial forum topic. Your follow-up posts must be at least 100 words

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