Historical summary–This is here you begin working on your mini-review. What topic are you going to write your review on? Find an example of an early peer reviewed original researcharticle that helped shape this field. Looking at review articles and the dates of papers they cite isone way to begin unraveling this thread. The Davis book will also be excellent for providingbackground into this area. I will provide an example for you to see. Write a one-page summarydescribing this experiment, the findings, the importance and how this work was received into thescientific community. I’ve had questions about “how old” historical means–it depends on thefield. Some areas such as vaccination have roots that go back to the 1800’s, other areas such asthe immune-neuro connection have developed just over the last 10 years. The date of thehistorical article should be representative of the beginnings of the field you have chosen to research.

1. The overall reaction for Cellular Respiration:

C6H12O6 + 6 O2 6 CO2 + 6 H2O + ATP

In this set of reactions glucose is “broken down” into simpler molecules and electrons are pulled from glucose. When electrons are taken away from glucose, glucose is [oxidized/reduced] (to CO2), and the oxygen becomes [oxidized/reduced] (to water).

[Anabolic/Catabolic] reactions break down more complex molecules into simpler ones and in the process release energy.

Reactions that release energy that can be used to do work are [endergonic/exergonic].

Therefore, aerobic respiration is a(n) [anabolic/catabolic] process and is [endergonic/exergonic].

2. Transfer of electrons during Cellular Respiration:

(1) (2) (3)

Glucose NAD+ NADH electron transport chain (ETC) to Oxygen

Enzyme that pulls electrons from glucose
Number of Hydrogen ATOMS pulled:
Number of electrons in one hydrogen atom:
Number of protons in one hydrogen atom:
Number of electrons transferred to NAD+ to make NADH:
Number of protons transferred to NAD+ to make NADH:

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