Each student is responsible individually responsible for designing and completing a Term Project presented as a Power Point to an audience that you put together. You may enlist the help of other persons if they are needed to completing your Term Project. Presentations will take the form of a Power Point and should last from 5 to 10 minutes.

Creating the Project

The Term Project must result in making a contribution to “making my world a better place to be” and it must be “environmental” in nature. Procedure: look around your world for something that isn’t working, is missing or could be improved for ideas for your Term Project. Be sure your Term Project can be completed and presented within the time allotted and get started right away.

Creating the Term Project or finding an organization to volunteer for is an important part of the learning associated with the requirement so do not ask the instructor to think of a project or find an organization for you. Once the Term Project is identified, you need to create a written plan and design (with timelines) to execute it. Your plans must be firmed up and given or sent to me for feedback and approval early enough to give yourself the time necessary to complete and present it.

Completing the Project:

You may enlist people to assist you in completing the project if you so choose. Attribution is expected if you enlist or are assisted by others. Receiving assistance will not lower your grade. You are to take a series of digital photographs to record the “before”, “during” and “after” of completing your Project. Err on the side of taking too many pictures instead of not having enough. These visualizations will serve to document your Project and to enhance your Power Point presentation. Be sure to include at least one picture showing each person working on the Project. Power Points lacking photographs of you and /or your group engaged in completing the Term Project will receive a considerably lower grade than those with said photographs.

Term Project presentations will take the form of a Power Point presentation to an audience you create toward the end of the Term. Presentations should last from 5 to 10 minutes in length.

Evaluation and Grading of the Project:

I will grade each Term Project on a scale of 200 points according to the criteria and percentages below:

Evaluation of Presentation of Power Points

Environmental impact and evidence of knowledge and learning gained (50%). Organization and quality of the presentation made (10%). Clarity of presentation of the presentation made (10%). Originality and creativity evidenced by the project (10%). Accuracy and neatness of written presentations made (10%). Spelling and grammar of written presentation modes (10%)

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