The Digestive System National Geographic

1. Use the diagram below to label and explain the process of swallowing (Should be about 2 paragraphs.) Make sure you click around and look at the swallowing links. (Don’t forget the epiglottis)

2. The digestive system has different mechanisms for breaking down food. Select a piece of bread and a piece of steak and watch the system in action. List the process/stages of digestion for each, noting the differences:

Bread (Carbohydrate) :

Steak (Protein):

What is the importance of peristalsis and mucous?

Why are the esophageal sphincters important?

Explain the stomach’s function.

Why are the liver and pancreas important to digestion?

Explain the main function of the small intestine and large intestine .

Label the diagram below of the human digestive system: Label mouth, pharynx, esophagus, stomach, small and large intestine, sphincters. Also label the accessory organs: liver, gall bladder, pancreas

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