Current Issues with Organs

Ted Talk Anthony Atala: Printing a human kidney

In the last 10 years the number of patients has doubled while at the same time the number of actual transplants has __________________________________.

What is the name of the field that has to do with this topic? ______________________________

When was the first book (about the culture of organs) published? _____________

What are the 3 challenges to culturing organs?


List three things that we can engineer:


Where will the next generation possibly print it’s cells? _________________________________

90 percent of all patients on the transplant list are waiting for what organ? ______________________

Could you use the printed kidney as a functional working kidney? _______________________________

The Skin Gun

View the skin gun video and then look in your textbook to find the definition and description of stem cells. Write one paragraph to describe their function:

Tanzania Albinos

Watch the video and then tell why albinos’ lives are threatened in Tanzania:

If you lived in Tanzania, what do you think you could do about this situation?

Go to the following website:

List the five principles that could be used to govern an organ procurement system:






It is your group’s job to explain your principle and to list as many pros and cons.

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