Report of the exercise:

1. Description of the scene:

2. Infection:

3. Control:








Four factor model for thrive of micro-organism:

Spore – temperature – water – nutrient.

Consider these two mottos:

· The most economical way to cure sickness is not to get sick.

· The most effective way to cure sickness is by one’s own immunity.

4. Effectiveness

Use Wells – Riley parameters

Compare alternatives to current situation.

Use the Well’s – Riley model to make an initial assessment of the base infection risk.

Consider all conditions which may affect the risk of infection and propose all conceivable ways to reduce the risk.

Use the Well’s – Riley model to re-evaluate the risk.

Discuss the cost effectiveness of each of the proposed enhancement.


1. Literature survey

2. Modeling

3. Photographs

4. Drawings

5. Illustrations

carbon dioxide is important in our atomosphere because it is required for photosynthesis and traps some heat, keeping the eath warm. however, human produced carbon dioxide is a problem becuase it A. leads to high global temputers B. disrupts the natural cycliing of other greenhouse gasses C. add too much carbon dioxide to the oceans. D.causes uncontroled photosynthisis

1.From the e-Activity, examine the benefits and risks this research poses to society. Indicate if you believe there are more benefits or more risks associated with this research, and give a rationale with your response.




Go to one of the Websites below to read the article of your choice. Focus on the benefits and risks of the bird flu research. Be prepared to discuss.

2. Examine the differences between DNA and RNA. Explain why DNA is the most favorable molecule for genetic material and how RNA compares to it in this respect.

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