19. Vacuum molding can be used for all the following techniques, except

A. custom trays.

B. lost wax process.

C. bleaching mouth guards.

D. nightguards.


20. What item is used to hold the matrix band in contact with the interproximal area of the preparation?

A. Retainer

B. Cotton roll

C. Wedge

D. Matrix


21. All the following impression materials can be mixed with an automixing system, except

A. polyether.

B. polysiloxane.

C. addition-reaction silicone.

D. polysulfide.


22. How many planes of analgesia are there in the administration of nitrous oxide?

A. Four

B. Seven

C. Three

D. Five


23. Varnishes act as a sealer and are painted on the

A. pulp.

B. dentin.

C. root.

D. cementum.


24. What type of resin cement is used in the bonded amalgam technique?

A. Photo-cure

B. Dual-cure

C. Self-cure

D. Light-cure


25. Bite registrations, setting denture teeth, and verifying denture relationships can be accomplished with _______ wax.

A. impression

B. baseplate

C. boxing

D. inlay


26. The material that’s painted in a tray to allow an impression material to attach to the tray is called a

A. tray-body impression material.

B. tray try-in.

C. tray adhesive.

D. plastic bonding agent.


27. A custom tray is recommended for use with which impression material?

A. Polysulfide

B. Impression compound

C. Reversible hydrocolloid

D. Irreversible hydrocolloid


28. Which of the following agents are resistant to antibiotics?

A. Viruses

B. Gram-positive bacteria

C. Gram-negative bacteria

D. Parasites


29. When loading a crown or bridge with a ZOE or glass ionomer luting cement, which of the following steps is not taken?

A. Etch the crown

B. Check for air bubbles

C. Remove excess cement

D. Dry any water droplets


30. Examples of elastomeric impression materials include all the following, except

A. polysulfide.

B. polyether.

C. addition-reaction silicone.

D. impression compound.


31. Which of these restoratives would need to be placed in 2.5 mm increments?

A. Amalgam

B. Self-cure composite

C. Light-cure composite

D. Resin ionomer


32. Which of the following is another way to write the term nitrous oxide?

A. N2O

B. NO2

C. N2O2



33. Disinfection of impression materials is usually accomplished by

A. allowing the impression to sit 24 hours in water until all the organisms die.

B. sterilization with high heat.

C. spray or immersion in a chemical disinfectant.

D. sterilization with steam under pressure.


34. For which of the following indications is local anesthesia not warranted?

A. Ulcers

B. Preinjection

C. Infections

D. Wounds


35. Which of the following medications is an example of a benzodiazepine?

A. Nitrous oxide

B. Alcohol

C. Halothane

D. Diazepam


36. Which of these steps would be done first in the enamel bonding technique?

A. Rinsing

B. Applying resin

C. Etching

D. Drying


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