1.Compare and contrast the Mendelian and non-Mendelian patterns of inheritance. Describe what you believe is the most significant difference, and explain why.

2. From the second e-Activity, in your own words, summarize the pros and cons of using genetically engineered insects to control pests. Determine if you would be for or against the use of genetically engineered insects in your neighborhood, and explain why.


· Go to one of the Websites below to read the article of your choice. Focus on the primary point of the article, benefits, and risks. Be prepared to discuss.

· “Synthetic life: the revolution begins”, dated July 27, 2012, located at

· “Engineering food for all”, dated August 18, 2010, located at

· Go to The New York Times Website to read the article titled “Concerns are raised about genetically engineered mosquitos”, dated October 30, 2011, located at Be prepared to discuss.


1″Stock Valuation and Risk” Please respond to the following:

· From the first e-Activity, identify your chosen stock and then decide if it is fairly valued. Share how you reached your conclusion.

· Take a position on the following: The media and / or government officials influence an investor’s risk tolerance. Provide an example or evidence to support your position.

2. “Financial Futures Markets” Please respond to the following:

· Identify the most important risk in investing in the financial futures market. Recommend one strategy to manage the risk.

· From the second e-Activity, identify a client (or type of client) who would benefit from purchasing a futures market for a specific commodity. Support your response with evidence or an example.


· Research the Internet or the Strayer Library to find a stock of your choice to determine if the stock is fairly valued. Be prepared to discuss.

· Research the Internet of the Strayer Library for activity on a specific commodity futures market covering a 12-month time period. Be prepared to discuss.

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