STSE Research Report #2


Choose one of the following two topics that interest you and then choose one of the

questions to focus on. Research and produce a short report on the topic and focus of your


Topic 1:

Effects on the human body of taking chemical substances to enhance performance

improve health or address specific medical condition

Choose one of the following to focus on:

1. How do certain classes of drugs help with neurotransmission in the brain?

2. How do common antidepressants work and what are their side effects?

3. How do statin drugs work to lower cholesterol and what the possible side effects?

4. How do steroid drugs work to heal and build tissues and enhance athletic performance, and what

are the negative long term effects?

Topic 2:

Human health issues that arise from the impact of human activities on the environment.

Choose one of the following to focus on:

1. What are the effects of synthetic estrogen compounds released into our water systems?

2. What are the effects of leaching of compounds from plastic products into soil and water?

3. In what ways have mining, forestry, and hydroelectric developments affected the health of

Aboriginal people in Northern Ontario?

4. What are the links between air pollution and respiratory diseases such as asthma?

5. What types of human activities have led to the thinning of the ozone? What human health

conditions are related to this phenomenon?

6. How can the dumping of chemicals down sinks and into storm sewers affect the incidence of skin

conditions among swimmers at local beaches?

Format of Report:

Standard format research report including table of contents, introduction, subtitled body, conclusion, works

cited/reference page. Diagrams should be included as required. Length should be four to five pages, 1.5

spacing, excluding diagrams.

include diagrams, graphs, photos with explanations

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