there are 3 assignments that are related together , the first one is creating website , 2nd just the draft and 3rd has to be completed.


1) first assignment,, introduction to creating your own web site using modern tools. This does not require programming. You need about the same technical ability as creating a PowerPoint. You can use any website building tool you wish. Two examples of website building tools that other students have successfully include and
Here is a step-by-step guide:

1) Select one of these or any web site building tools.
2) Create your own url web site address.
3) Add a few words and one picture/image. At this point, you can just say “Hi mom!” or whatever you want (as long as it is “G” rated and grammatically correct). You will develop wonderful rich content starting next week.
4) Optional – Go into tools and remove your site from search engines so someone would need to know your specific web site address and type in specific characters such as” This protects the privacy of your work without requiring passwords for someone to view your site.
5) Publish and test your url. It is wise to try it out in a separate browser than you created it to verify it works.
6) Place your url in BB under the Week One project assignment
7) Congratulate yourself and celebrate! (especially if this is your first site)

Example – Building a web site using


2) Course Project Draft – Assignment 

Health Informatics is a rapidly evolving field with a wealth of rich, current, credible and helpful resources on the Internet and accessible via mobile health apps. So, have fun some fun with this assignment browsing and learning about health informatics-enabled resources. Then, select several web sites and develop a review of what you find helpful content in each selected site. Include a blending of government, non-profit, for profit, educational, and consumer-driven sites to provide a rich diversity of perspectives. Additionally, you are welcome to include reviews of mobile heath apps.

Target your Course Project web site to be a reference for a specific audience and include a brief introduction. For example, you may focus this as a guide for:

– Fellow public health, health administration or nursing  students,

– Professional groups such as for nurses, healthcare administrators, physicians, etc., or

– Health care consumer or someone working somewhere in the healthcare ecosystem.

– Specific groups of consumers (kids, seniors) or people with a specific health condition (diabetes, heart condition)


he following are examples of previous student course projects:

Example project more nursing focused:

Example project more health promotion/public health focused:


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