In the biofilm form, bacteria are more resistant to various antimicrobial treatments. Bacteria in a biofilm can also survive harsh conditions and withstand the host’s immune system. Therefore, there is a need for new treatment options to treat biofilm-associated infections. Currently, research is focused on the development of antibiofilm agents that are nontoxic, as it is believed that such molecules will not lead to future drug resistance. Can you please research and provide at least 2 antibiofilm agents and discuss their actions/targets and the impact(s) to human or domestic animals, if any?

Directions: Using reputable websites, such as the,, or (do NOT use blogs, wikis, or any site ending in .com or .net) write discussions listing all questions mentioned .

Answer the 3 questions in a minimum of one paragraph. Write a complete paragraph to include a well-developed sentence of at least 5-6 sentences.

1.TED-Talk- Marketing Food to Children

Question: Considering the social determinants of health, do you think a commercial free initiative will change marketing building in the schools?

2. Malnutrition: A Hidden Epidemic in Older Adults

Question: Who should be responsible for addressing hunger and food insecurity? (private, public or civic responsibility)

3. Healthy Aging with Nutrition

Question: What can we as a society do to assure older adults stay healthy?

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