Genetic disorder – Philadelphia chromosome

Your assignment is to investigate a genetic disorder that is Philadelphia chromosome

1. The symptoms and/or effects of having the disorder. How is this disorder diagnosed?

2. Any treatments currently in use or proposed for the future – include medications, therapies, surgeries, etc.

3. The prognosis of having the disorder.  In other words, can you survive the disorder?  If so, what is the life expectancy of the individual? What is lifelike for that individual living with this disorder. Can he/she be independent? Can there be quality of life with this disorder?

4. Any other pertinent facts about this disorder

5. Include images for a visual component relating to the disease, individuals affected by the disease, the actual chromosome involved, treatments, timeline, etc.  These must include the following aspects of a visual component:

a. Description – the ability to engage in written discourse intended to convey a mental image of a visual media object. Students should include a legend or caption for the visual image that includes appropriate terminology.

b. Explanation – the ability to explain plausible meanings and/or purposes of the image. Students should explain what the image is/represents and/or depicts. A source for this image must be included in the Work’s Cited slide

c. Consequences & Implications – the ability to discuss the potential consequences and/or implications of the visual image’s meaning. Students must discuss the implication/consequence (effect/significance) of the inclusion of this image into the project and how it adds to the overall content of the project (how does it help to better represent the genetic disorder)

8. MLA citations for sources consulted (minimum of 3). This includes all visual components.

9. The information that you are providing should be written in 3rd person.


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