The Issue Is Debate Paper – 20% of final course grade

Due: November 22, 2018

This assignment addresses the following ACOTE (2011, Form B) Standards:

Very Important

B1.6 Demonstrate knowledge of global social issues and prevailing health and welfare needs of populations with or at risk for disabilities and chronic health conditions

B9.1 Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) Occupational Therapy Code of Ethics and Ethics Standards and AOTA Standards of Practice and use them as a guide for ethical decision making in professional interactions, client interventions, and employment settings. B9.2 Discuss and justify how the role of a professional is enhanced by knowledge of and involvement in international, national, state, and local occupational therapy associations and related professional associations.

B9.10 Demonstrate strategies for analyzing issues and making decisions to resolve personal and organizational ethical conflicts.

Format: Grading rubric includes:

· Form – Correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, and quality of writing

· Content – Information on topic

· Format – Use APA-style headings and citations

· The paper should be no more than 2 pages

Read the article: Hinojosa, J. (2007). Becoming innovators in an era of hyperchange [Eleanor Clarke Slagle Lecture]. American Journal of Occupational Therapy, 61, 629–637.

Part I. Standards of Practice

1. Identify and discuss one relationship between Dr. Hinojosa’s ideas about collaboration and Standards of Practice 4.5(AOTA, 2010).

Part II. Code of Ethics

Identify and discuss the relationship between Dr. Hinojosa’s ideas and your assigned principle from the Code of Ethics. Based on your assigned number = twos – Principle .

A)Identify one specific idea from Dr. Hinojosa’s Slagle Lecture that relates to your chosen principle.

B)Discuss the relationship between the identified idea from Dr. Hinojosa’s Slagle Lecture and your assigned principle.

Reflect on how you may use this information to inform and guide your practice as an occupational therapist.

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