Explain how and why Matthew may have edited Mark’s Gospel. Use the following two sets of passages to support your claim.

According to course materials (Bible, textbook, digital materials linked below, etc.):

1. How and why would Matthew have edited Mark 6:45-52 contrasted with Matthew 14:25-27,32-33?

2. How and why would Matthew have edited Mark 9:2-10 contrasted with Matthew 17:1-13?

Be sure to distinguish between paraphrase and direct quotes. Type a 350-750 word paper using MLA formatting. Submit the completed assignment to the appropriate Assignment box by no later than Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT.

“Genetic Engineering for Food and Therapy”

(Bonus 20pts Essay/Summary, at least 2 pages single spaced, 2pt before/after paragraph, 1” margins, font size 11 Times New Roman)

References you should use:

Read thoroughly Chapter 22 and Special topics 5 and 6 (pp 724-751) from the textbook, and

Make a Summary/Essay.

(Very good guideline for the scientific essay:

If work is with ≥30% Turnitin similarity will be not considered but can be corrected and resubmitted (as a late submission).

Writing Analysis

You are a doctor in a hospital, and a patient is experiencing trouble with her skin repairing itself from a cut. The patient is also expecting a child, but the cells in the reproduction development are experiencing malfunction in cell division.

  • Describe the stages of each type of cell reproduction process from a normal patient whose body cells can repair themselves and normal cell division during the reproductive development of the unborn baby.
  • Explain the disadvantages and advantages of each type of cell division.
  • Discuss how the patient experiencing problems with the cells repairing from the cut and the child’s reproduction development malfunctions can alter haploid and diploid cell development.

Using text  Campbell Essential Biology. 7th Edition. Pearson.

Length/Formatting Instructions

Length 1000

WordsFont12 point , Calibri Font, no more than 1″ margins

APA Formatting


Writing Analysis Grading Rubric

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