Please write a 7 to 10-page literature review (single-spaced; ~15 references), including figures if appropriate, about a SARS, MERS, and the new SARS-CoV2. Additional pages can be used for references. Note: figures are encouraged but there needs to be seven pages of text. In other words, do not fill the paper with images.

You must remain objective and unbiased as you review the literature. Remember, your purpose is only to report on what has been written recently about your topic. You should not discuss the issues involved or take a position.

Overview of Compiled Literature Review Format: 7–10 pages total (single-spaced, single column). Figures are encouraged but the paper has to be 7 pages of text minimum (in other words don’t fill the literature review with images)

Introduction: First, you will add a brief introduction to the literature review: simply introduce the purpose and scope of the literature review, including the key issues the review will address. Think of the broad topic of your paper and narrow into the main topic of your discussion.

Body: Using relevant headings, the body should be composed of sections. If these sections were done effectively, they take up each issue one at a time and discuss how the authors of the articles respond to that issue.

Don’t forget to introduce and close each section with a sentence focused on the literature (topic sentence and a concluding sentence.)

Length of body: 5-8 pages or more, single-spaced, single column. (Length of each section will

vary, but each typically contains several paragraphs. Estimate about 15 citations to thoroughly

cover the subject matter (published literature reviews usually contain >50 citations).

Conclusion: Summarize what the literature says about your topic. Approximate length 1 page

Additional Formatting Guidelines

The document needs to be single-spaced (no spaces between paragraphs except headers, indent paragraphs) use Times New Roman font of 12 pt. and margins of 1”. It is acceptable to include figures as long as they are properly cited in the text and references. The length of the manuscript should be no less than 7 pages and no more than 10 pages excluding references. The formatting of the citations (e.g. Foster et al., 2019) and references (estimated n = 15) can follow any mainstream science peer-review journal formats (e.g. Nature, Environmental Microbiology, PLOS One, Frontiers in Microbiology etc…).

It is important to put things in your own words and not directly quote from sources in literature reviews, as this is a test of your ability to synthesize the material.

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