Is the world flat? Do you agree or disagree with Friedman’s discovery?


Columbus reported to his king and queen that the world was round, and he went down in history as the man who first made this discovery. I returned home and shared my discovery only with my wife, and only in a whisper. Honey, I confided, “I think the world is flat

-Thomas Friedman, THE WOLD IS FLAT


Essay Prompt:

Is the world flat? Do you agree or disagree with Friedman’s discovery?

A hint at what I am looking for: I want this essay written from your own personal perspective, using the text and other resources as support for your argument. Tell me what you think…is the world flat, somewhat flat, unflat??


My paper must be at least 12 pages with at least 5 references. Can someone please give me some background and bullets to work with?  I only have two pages and no clue what else to write about.  Need some pointers

Health Information systems

powerpoint presentation 8-12 slides with outline

Details: Health information systems can be divided into 4 categories: clinical information systems, management, strategic decision support, and e-health applications.

Instructions Explain the following types of computerized information systems:

·        Clinical

·        Management

·        Strategic decision support

·        E-health applications



Within your analysis, order the systems from most important to least  important within a health care organization. Be sure to discuss why you chose this order.

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