1. Define energy related to work and heat and matter

2. Use some examples to contrast potential energy and kinetic energy and differentiate with chemical energy

3.  Define the concept of thermodynamic

4. Briefly give me your concept  of entropy and importance in the Universe

5. Distinguish between exergonic  and endergonic reaction

6. Discuss the central role of ATP in the overall energy metabolism of the cell

7. Explain how an enzyme lowers the required energy of activation for a reaction

8. Name 4 important classes of enzymes

9. Importance of pH in the function of enzymes

10. Briefly explain how antibiotics inhibit bacterial enzymes


This is the last Article Summary! For this one, you will be writing multiple short summaries for

the three recent weekly readings. Be careful with the instructions since some articles are

mandatory and one is up to you.

Write your responses in a new document. If you are typing, use standard college formatting (12

pt. font, double-spaced). Upload the file to Canvas or hand in a paper copy in class to turn it in.

Also, make sure that the answers are your own writing instead of direct quotes from the paper.

Articles from Weeks 14, 15, and 16

Write summaries for all three of the assigned articles from the last few weeks, found with each

Module. You must do all three of the following:

Week 14: Subsol, G., Moreno, B., Jessel, J., Braga, J., Bruxelles, L., Thackeray, F., & Clarke, R. (2015). In situ 3D digitization of the “Little Foot” Australopithecus skeleton from Sterkfontein. Paleoanthropology, 44-53.

Week 15: Hatala, K. G., Roach, N. T., Ostrofsky, K. R., Wunderlich, R. E., Dingwall, H. L., Villmoare, B. A., . . . Richmond, B. G. (2016). Footprints reveal direct evidence of group behavior and locomotion in Homo erectus. Scientific Reports, 6, 28766.

Week 16: Wheelwright, J. (2015). Days of dysevolution. Discover, 33-39.

Write a summary organized this way based on each article. Each mini-summary can be just one


� of �1 2

1. Starts with a sentence that gives the title and authors of the essay. For a paper with more than three authors, just call the authors “<First Author’s Last Name> and colleagues…” (1 point)

2. Then the paragraph summarizes the author’s main point. (2 points)

3. Then gives an overview of what the author describes in his writing. Do not repeat their fine details, but sum up what he wrote.

4. End the paragraph with a brief reflection: how does the essay match or go against your own experiences?

5. Style pointers: be sure that your summary has the following qualities.

1. College level writing: free from spelling and grammatical problems

2. Little to no use of direct text from the paper

3. Arrange the three mini-summaries to be like the diagram to the right:

Each mini-summary should just be around 150 words each. Choose the details to mention

carefully! The total assignment should be over 450 words. Grading is based on following the

above instructions. See the grading rubric with the assignment on Canvas.

� of �2 2




  • Anthropology 130 Article Summary 5
    • Instructions
    • Articles from Weeks 14, 15, and 16

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